Enjoy your music even more

Enjoy your music even more

Music delights the senses.

Mandalas entice the soul.

Mandala Jukebox unites music and mandalas in a unique new way.

iOS users we hear your call. Mandala Jukebox will be available for you too.

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An unusually simple mandala guide

Interactive screen

Click on the active (blue) regions to use it.

Step 1

Load your favorite music in mp3 format.*

Step 2

Open Mandala Jukebox.

Step 3

Browse inside the app for your mp3 files.

Step 4

Select the file you want to play.

Step 5

Press play and count to 5. 

Your mandala will start to appear slowly while you listen to the song.

*Note:  If you don’t have mp3 music files follow this guide.

If you love…

Music and mandalas.

Winding down.


Meaningful connections.

Minimalistic mobile interfaces.

More features available in the free guide:

Mandala Jukebox will offer you

Eye candy patterns.

(User intervention is not required to draw the patterns.)

An immersive experience.

(Good quality headphones are required.)

Unlimited mandala designs.

(Depending on the number of mp3 files on your device.)

A unique mandala for each mp3 file.

(Mandalas are not randomly generated.)

Touch and go experience.

a personal inner journey.

Android users download now

Beta version of Mandala Jukebox is available now to download.

Just click the picture above to enjoy as many mandalas as mp3 files you have on your device.

Click below to access more music.

Mandala Jukebox